Sturgis Center for the Arts is led by a combination of paid employees and volunteers. Each staff member is hand-picked by the Board of Directors because he or she has the skills, experience, personal traits, and motivation that we feel will best shape our organization in the years to come. Please feel free to contact them anytime; they're here because they care about each and every person that walks through our door.

We are pleased to introduce our current managing team:


Justine Burggraff

Executive Director

Justine handles daily on-facility operations at SCA. She's the person you'll see behind the desk, managing the schedule, and responding to questions and comments at our Main Street location! She also helps plan and implement our great programs and marketing campaigns!

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Veronica Grosek

Chief Operations Officer

Veronica is in charge of SCA's background administration, meaning she handles the finances and accounting while helping Justine with program planning and marketing! She's the person you'll see at most planning meetings and busy at work with grant writing, newsletters,  etc.!

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is the guiding team behind our mission, values, and goals. Each Board member is nominated and voted on for a maximum two-year term, in addition to the President's four-year term. SCA's Board includes the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and three untitled seats for active community leaders and individuals who are motivated to make a difference in the arts of our area.

We are pleased to currently include the following members on our Board of Directors:


Michelle Grosek



Jennifer Beving




Malisa scherer



ethan engel

Board Member



Kathryn klopfenstein

Board Member



Russ lisko

Board Member

Emily Lisko

Board Member




Board Member


Sturgis Center for the Arts occasionally takes on a special advisor for the purpose of ensuring that its operations and programs are in alignment with the mission and original vision of the organization, and to assist in times when new management or Board officers must be trained. We are pleased to introduce one of our original co-founders as a current Advisor:



Co-Founder and Board Advisor



Co-Founder and Board Advisor