2019 Visual Art Offerings

Sturgis Center for the Arts offers a wide array of visual art classes and one-on-one lessons. Students of all ages can take part in our courses designed to inspire creativity and augment a student's natural talent. For beginner students, we are pleased to include numerous classes that aim to teach participants the joy of creating artwork and the basics of color, shape, line, form, value, and space. Our classes cover a broad range of both two- and three-dimensional mediums. 


Private Art Class Reservations

Sturgis Center for the Arts also offers many art classes by private group reservation. Groups can schedule a class at our facility or an approved location of business in the area. Private reservations are reviewed by SCA and the instructor(s) teaching the class, and fees are applied based on the class details and number of students in the group. We reserve the right to decline any private reservation requests.

To request your private art class reservation, please complete our form using the button below. Alternatively, you can call (605) 347-0242 or email SturgisArtCenter@gmail.com.

Available Classes

Commonly featured classes include the following:

  • Charcoal and Pencil Drawing

  • Pastel Drawing

  • Acrylic Painting

  • Watercolor Painting

  • Oil Painting

  • Hand-building with Clay

  • 3D Paper Crafts

  • Fabric Dyeing

  • Paper Making

  • Linoleum Block Printmaking

  • Multi-Media Art

  • Chalk Art and Coloring